Our Cheeses

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The Welshman

In honor of my family's Welsh heritage, our own 'Caerphilly' - a cheese originally made by the wives of Welsh miners. The salt replenished the miners' loss of fluids in the dank, damp mines.

This raw Jersey cow's milk cheese has deep, tangy flavors reminiscent of aged cheddar with a deep, earthy rind. It's made with Halen Mon PDO sea salt harvested and processed in Wales.


Our cornerstone cheese made in the style of a northern Italian cheese, but with our own local twist.  We rub it with Sandy Oaks Texas olive oil as it ages in the cave.

Hearty and fulfilling, Keystone has flavors that lend towards pasta but can be used in many ways.  This is the perfect cheese to go in your morning eggs or a nice quiche.  The flavors are strong and deep.

Caldera España

Our version of cheese from the high plains of Spain but made with local south Texas raw Jersey cow's milk.  With a smooth, creamy paste, it melts beautifully.

This cheese is aged for three months and then smoked over Texas pecan for superior flavor development.  Enjoy Caldera Espana with your favorite cured meat and good beer.  Try an IPA or brown ale.                

Indigo Ridge

Please welcome Indigo Ridge, our alpine-style cheese!  We are so excited to finally bring this new cheese to market after a whole year of product development. We refer to Indigo Ridge as a Gouda style with a Gruyere flair! Come and taste some and let us know what you think.  Aged a full 8 months.

Our fresh cheeses are seasonal.  In summer, we use a fromage blanc base and add Tahitian Vanilla Sea Salt and fresh ginger for our very versatile Midsummer Surprise.  Our new summer cheese is Garden Crisp made with fresh arugula and Celery Seed Sea Salt.  Both of our summer cheeses use the finest sea salt from Halen Mon PDO from Anglesey, Wales.  In winter when citrus is in season, we make a fresh cheese called St. Clements which is made with organic oranges and lemons and Texas honey from Holdman Honey in Seguin.  We do our very best to use the highest quality ingredients in our cheesemaking so you can be proud to serve a beautiful local product at your table.

In July 2016, our St. Clements won First Place at the American Cheese Society Competition in the category for Fresh Cheeses - Flavor Added.  There were 1841 cheeses in the competition in 21 categories!