Frequently Asked Questions


  • Cheeses are shipped using two to three day shipping options (FedEx, UPS, or Priority Mail).  Cheeses are wrapped in insulated pouches and boxes will contain ice gel packs.  We prefer to ship out on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in order to avoid the product sitting in a shipper's warehouse over the weekend.  We recommend that there be someone available to accept the shipment as it is best not to leave a food item unattended on the front doorstep!
  • At River Whey we feel that it is neither cost effective nor sustainable to ship a single wedge of cheese.  We highly encourage you to choose an assortment of items.  Our shipping prices reflect a lower cost as the size of the order increases.

Shipping estimates are as follows: 

  • Orders under $30 - $25.50
  • Orders between $30 to $50 - $23.50
  • Orders over $50 - $21.00
  • NOTE:  Gift Boxes are $39.95 to ship, anywhere in the Continental US.
  • It is okay if the cheese arrives a bit warm.  Aged cheese is one of the original foods made to be stable at room temperature.  If you are concerned about your cheese upon arrival, please put it in the fridge and check on it after two hours.  If you are still concerned after this wait time, please call Susan at 210-326-1342. 
  • At this time we do not ship our fresh cheeses as they must be kept refrigerated.
  • For Wholesale or Bulk orders please call (210) 326-1342.


  • Because cheese is a perishable product we do not accept returns.  We highly recommend that the recipient of your order is aware that they are to be receiving their shipment.  At River Whey we stand behind our product and do everything we can to ensure that your cheese order is accurate and shipped in a timely manner.  If you are unhappy with the product, please call us for a refund or replacement.  We cannot refund orders if the 'ship to' address was entered incorrectly or if the recipient was out of town at the time of delivery.


  • Aged Cheeses:  We are so very pleased to use fresh, raw milk from Four E Dairy in Moulton, Texas.  Four E is a multi-generational Texas dairy farm with a herd of Jersey cows.  We pick up our milk for cheese making on Mondays every week.
  • Fresh Cheeses:  It is required by law that we use pasteurized milk if the cheese is not aged at least 60 days.  Therefore our Midsummer Surprise and our St. Clements are made using non-homogenized, low-temp pasteurized milk that we source from Mill-King Dairy in Waco, Texas.