Our Team

Life is great. Cheese makes it whey better!



  • Robin is our hard working Production Manager.  We finally convinced her to move down from Austin, and now her life revolves around the timing of the cheeses.  She is our in-house queen of fermentation!
  • Tom is our anchor.  He makes the aged cheeses during the week and handles our wholesale accounts.  He is a grad of the CIA Culinary Program, an Army veteran, a heart transplant recipient, and a true leader.
  • Roxanne is our Sunday market specialist and a true woman of the world.  She served our country in the military for 23 years and is currently enrolled as a student in the Culinary Program at The Art Institute.  When she was ready for her life to change, we are so glad she picked us, and we are proud to have her on our team!
  • Candice is our anchor at the farmers markets and all around awesome team member!  She does the markets, the Monday milk run, and works in the creamery too.  She was formerly a teacher in Lytle, Texas and is a budding author and painter.  We can't wait to see her name up in lights!
  • Travis is our late night guy and you might even catch him at a market.  At his day job he works for Sea to Table, an incredible company that connects fishermen directly with chefs.  We love sustainable food and this company is a great model for that.  We are very thankful to have Travis on our team!
  • Kathleen is the yin to our yang.  She is a co-founder of River Whey and we would be lost without her. Come and say hello to her at The Pearl Farmers Markets on Saturdays.
  • Susan is well . . . Susan.  This whole idea was her crazy dream!  (See Our Story for more.)