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Once Upon A Time

River Whey Creamery is a dream come true. As with most dreams, it started with a small acorn of possibility and a passion for something. In this case, truly good food - especially cheese!

Susan Rigg’s passion grew as she dabbled at cooking while working in the book retail business for 15 years. In 2007, she hung up her book selling shoes and took a leap of faith into the professional world of culinary arts by enrolling in the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NYC. She survived (phew!) and returned to San Antonio, Texas - apron pressed, knives sharpened.

Susan soon found herself thoroughly entrenched in the burgeoning local food scene. So much so that she founded a local slow food chapter, Slow Food South Texas, in which she is still active.

To learn the nuances of cheese, Susan completed the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo ‘Artisanal Cheese Maker's Short Course’ gaining valuable information about the art and science of cheese making from experts in the field.  She then spent the better part of a year doing product development on her current cheeses as well as designing and building the new creamery in Schertz. 

River Whey cheeses have been in production since early October and are available at The Pearl Farmers Market on Saturdays

Susan’s passion for producing cheeses that are truly unique has resulted in three fine aged cheeses: Keystone, Caldera España, and The Welshman.

A beautiful, season fresh cheese - the St. Clements - made with local, in season orange and lemon juice and orange zest and some wonderful Texas honey was a huge hit at the Pearl Farmers Market! This beautiful fresh cheese can be used in many ways: as a breakfast treat, mixed into filling for pasta, and even made into cheesecake!











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